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EnvEve software gives nature a voice

A Swiss software company, EnvEve has developed a green technology what it calls the “Internet of nature,” which relies on sensors to communicate information that can help humans anticipate wildfires, floods, gas leakages and other potential conditions.

EnvEve CEO Marco Brini says his company’s platform uses the information from micro networked sensors and nodes to collect information about the weather, air conditions, soil quality, and other natural conditions that could provide warnings about natural disasters or other situations that require human intervention or preparation.

“We want nature to be able to express itself through the internet,” Brini said. “Nature speaks through tiny movements and changes. Through this movements, we can anticipate wildfires, mudslides, floods. If we can anticipate them, we can be prepared.”

For example, the “gateway-birdhouse” pictured in the photo below collects meteorological data and other information from sentries throughout the field where it is placed using radio frequency communicates. In the case of this installation, the technology is being used to optimize the use of chemicals and water in a vineyard. Similarly, the technology is being applied in places concerned about wildfire.

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